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How Many Months Can I Get a Loan?

It is a question of many people how many months of employment can be taken out. In addition to working, there are a number of banking requirements to be met when borrowing. In all cases, the central, statutory requirements must be met. In addition, each credit institution has its own set of internal rules, which must also be met if you want to apply for a loan. An important part of credit assessment is customer rating, which focuses on length of employment.

You may at any time find yourself in a life situation that requires you to borrow money. For any type of loan, you must meet the eligibility criteria to get the amount you want. It is not good for either the credit institution or you if you are unable to repay the loan as contractually. Therefore, it is important that a financial institution meets all the criteria, including whether or not you have a job, and if so, how long you have worked there.

How Many Months Can I Get a Loan?

How Many Months Can I Get a Loan?

In case of unsecured personal loan

How long you need to work for a personal loan can vary from one financial institution to another, and even from one type of loan to another. The shortest period of continuous employment required for borrowing at your current job is usually 3 months. You need to spend so much time at your place of work to apply for a personal loan. It is important to know that no credit is available during the trial period. The bank hopes that after the probation period, it will be able to pay the installment in a stable position every month.

The number of months you can take a loan from one credit institution to another will vary. When considering risks, a financial institution may require a longer period, even years, for the duration of the employment relationship.

In the case of a mortgage loan

In the <a href=case of a mortgage loan” />

A minimum 3 month employment relationship is required to take out a free and debt mortgage and a market rate mortgage, so if you can prove this 3 months at your current job and the trial period has expired, you can apply for a loan.

As mentioned above, no loan can be applied for during the probationary period, including a mortgage. In the case of mortgages, real estate collateral is no substitute for a proper income statement.

In the event of a change of job

In the event of a change of job

You may have changed jobs before applying for a loan and your current job has not yet expired. This is usually not a problem for credit institutions, but it must be proven by official documents.

This can be either an income certificate or bank statement showing that you have spent a longer period at your previous job and less than a month has passed since you switched. In such a case, the time spent at the two jobs adds up, but it may also be the case that the financial institution determines a longer required employment relationship when applying for a loan.

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