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These banks have access to Baby Loans!

As of July 1, 2019, the Baby Waiting Loan is available. Baby Waiting Support is a free use credit facility, no real estate cover is required. The loan amount is HUF 10 million, which is available in the form of an interest-free loan for childbearing. The loan agreement may be concluded from 1 July 2019 to 31 December 2022.

Financial institutions that will have access to Baby Loans

Financial institutions that will have access to Baby Loans

The maximum loan term is 20 years and the maximum monthly repayment is HUF 50,000. Wondering which banks have access to Baby Waiting Credit? Show!

A recent list of financial institutions that will have access to Baby Loans has recently been released. As you would expect, most banks will not miss out on a state-guaranteed loan. The state not only undertakes to pay interest on the birth of a child, but also to repay the capital after the birth of the second and third children. For financial institutions, this provides a strong guarantee that debtors will repay the loan.

These banks have access to the Baby Waiting Loan

These banks have access to the Baby Waiting Loan


We are not yet talking about a ready-made product on the part of the banks, as they are awaiting the final presentation of the legislative framework.

Several financial institutions have indicated that the finalization of the product is even further, and is still being developed. Interest in the new product is expected to be huge. Financial institutions expect hundreds of thousands of claims.

Baby Calculator



Those who are looking for a Baby Waiting Loan have nearly a month to think about whether or not to take advantage of the support. Although the conditions are strict, the state subsidy of up to 10 million HUF is an unavoidable opportunity.

The Baby Waiting Credit Calculator can help claimants decide quickly what to expect when repaying. You can also find out from the calculator that if you do not meet the conditions and you have to repay the loan with interest, the total repayment amount may be more than HUF 18.5 million.

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